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This isn’t a traditional garden picture but March in the Pacific Northwest is a challenging time everyone who loves the outdoors. It’s cold and damp 90% of the time with a few brief stretches of sunny weather that give us all spring fever but send pollen counts into the double digits.  Instead of a photographing the wet and weedy mess of a garden we have today I thought I’d post one last shot from our front yard before the excavator got to work digging out stumps and moving rocks boulders.  This photo was taken about 10 months after the Public Utilities District cut down our large cedar trees and shows how aggressively the native ferns and salal expanded with additional light, water and space to grow.

Posted as part of Alisa’s weekly Travel Theme:  Garden.

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38 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Garden

  1. Looks the same here, except the stumps cut down here are out back in the woods, and were dead trees ready to fall down.
    The complex owners have tilled up the back strip for gardens for us again and some planting is is already going on.
    Have a good week coming up and that is a great shot.

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  2. Great photo of the rings left from the magnificent cedar. Here we use the inside as a planter if its not stump ground. Everything looks so green and vibrant !

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  3. I love the free-form shape of the stump in the foreground, and all that GREEN! Do you miss the stumps? I think I would have left that one there for a planter … it’s gorgeous!


    1. I was tempted to leave one but unfortunately the ground was a solid mass of roots with more 10 stumps in the front yard. We couldn’t dig down far enough plant anything new with them in the way and if one came out they all had to move… The green was pretty though!


    1. Thanks Jo! I believe they were around 70 years old maybe a little younger. Our neighbor grew up on the land when it was a family dairy farm and he told us there were only few trees on the property when he was little because the main industry in town was a cedar shingle mill.


  4. It’s a tough time for gardening here as well. We’ve had sun for the last week, but today the snow has returned… Iæve planted some stuff inside and I’ll move the plants out on the balcony as soon as the temperatures allow it.


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