Travel Theme: Pink

Pink 1

I know I’ve been very quiet this week but don’t worry  I hope to spend some quality time with my reader as soon as tomorrow.  I plan to be back to a more normal schedule by next week and can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to while I’ve been away!

As a quick “hello I’m still here” post I hope you enjoy my Pink image of some late summer Hydrangeas.

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26 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Pink

  1. My Hydrangeas don’t look so well. Every winter the frost, and somtimes freeze, completely decimates them. But by late spring every year the come back into full bloom. As I think about, this is a lot like life sometimes…thanks for the hidden life lesson Lisa.


  2. Almost time for the Phoneography Challenge, but I had to enter this one this week. I sometimes forget about it but I managed to find a photo, one of my favorites, for this theme. Sleep well.



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