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The Santuario de Guadalupe in Santa Fe, NM is the oldest shrine to our Lady of Guadalupe in the United States.  I wrote a little about the history of this place in a Black and White Tuesday post about the Church here and today, as part of Alisa’s Weekly Travel Theme:  Statues I have a view of  the beautiful statue at the entrance.

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24 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Statues

    1. I don’t know his story and the quick search I did wasn’t very informative but I want to spend more time looking into it. Maybe someone will read this who is familiar with the area and can let us all know!


  1. I’ve always wanted to see the churches in New Mexico and Arizona. It is interesting that they have Our Lady of Guadalupe, she’s probably their patron saint.


  2. – the statue is a such a work of art – and is that like an “iron glow” the artist made to surround it? and the segments of flowers at the base are so unique.
    Well I also love the adobe church building in the backdrop – and this photo lets us feel the smooth front – and then also the wave of the wall where those center two windows are…

    and at the very top of the statue – is that a security camera in the middle of that white cross? just kidding… 😉


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this photo! I thought it captured a lot of Santa Fe in one image and you’ve noted everything I wanted to show. 🙂 The art, flowers, adobe, church, smooth and rough…


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