Black & White Tuesday: 4-8-14

B&W Tuesday 4-8-14

Today’s Black & White Tuesday post is a view of Seattle’s EMP (Experience Music Project)  Museum’s silver side.

If you missed the pink side  you can see it again here and stay tuned for blue coming soon…

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28 thoughts on “Black & White Tuesday: 4-8-14

      1. Thanks very much. I miss blogging and friends here like you . Is it as easy as just asking them to remove? I always wondered about that? They are very sporadic. Good luck!


  1. I like how the black and white shot highlights how the panels are getting a streaky patina, and they don’t fit together precisely. I might not have noticed this in color. .


    1. Thanks D’Arcy, I liked the patina on the panels too and think it shows a side of the building that isn’t quite as glossy as some of the flashy colors. You’re right that the pink side didn’t seem to have as many gaps between each layer…


  2. What an amazing structure! Do you know what those petsafe ads are the pop up on your photos and have to be closed to see the entire photo you’ve posted? I’ve seen them on a couple of other sites, too.


    1. I’m glad you like the structure Linda! The petsafe ads are something WordPress is testing on randomly selected sites and I’ve asked WP to please remove them from mine… hopefully they disappear soon. 😦


    1. It’s really fun to walk around the building because the view changes every few steps! The colors shift and the panels reflect everyone and everything in the area. It’s never the same thing twice. 🙂


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