Happy Earth Day 2014

Earth Day 2014

Our April showers paused just long enough for me to take a walk this afternoon and snap some photos of our spring blooming trees in honor of Earth Day.

My fingers are crossed hoping these wet days really will bring more May flowers…

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43 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day 2014

  1. Love the lighting on the photo! We have the same kind of trees outside my apartment building, but they are just now starting to bud out, no flowers open yet. Happy Earth Day to you too!


      1. Nice 🙂 We got too much wind here still and occasional sprinkles, hoping they’ll go away soon so i can enjoy the flowers like this 🙂


      1. BTW – Great picture! The water supply improved a tad with the last storms but I’m not planning to put in any new plants anytime soon.


  2. this up shot is really special – beautiful for being flowers and all that – but this little cluster you shared – of like 7 blooms – has the two little leaves topping it off and then the bent brace holding it has an artsy feel – and then – blurred int he background you have two solid tree tunis and hints of more blooms – such a sense of balance – “balanced spring beauty” I call it.
    and this may just be “me” attributing this because you said it was raining, but I think the flowers also have a heavier, damp feel – or it may be the dim lighting you gave us – but it adds to the warmth of this photo. If I had one photo for earth day – this would be it – and wow, what a nice shot!!!!


    1. Once again Yvette you read this photo exactly like I intended. 🙂 I’ll admit to shifting the lens around and around looking for a composition I liked and finally chose the one that purposefully included all of these elements! Thanks for your nice comments!


    1. I’m glad you like it Jo! I check into Flickr a few times per week and like the relaxed community. 🙂 Also, it’s interesting to see what people chose to view in a format that doesn’t include as much description of each image compared to here at WordPress.


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