Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters


I really like this shot looking up from our table at The Yard in Seattle but since I cut off most of the sign trying to include more of the light fixture I’ve held back from posting it.  Waiting for the right moment was a good thing though because this week Cheri has challenged us to post an image sharing letters and not necessarily complete words…

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21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

    1. I like your guesses. 🙂 I took several photos of this wall and believe it or not every one only has 1/2 of this sign… the best shot shows “risse” but I don’t remember what the full sign says. Guess we need to go back for another drink. 😉


  1. I LOVE this shot – I mean really do – the letters and the bricks and the grill over the light – it is a true little slice of the night – and has a feeling that lets us look up with you too. I would be curious to see if you did go back – like to see what shots you took – but this is one of those happy accident photos – and reminds me of how special photos can be – we take a shot of this – and end up with a bit of “that” = which later becomes a gem. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Yvette, I like your “this and that” idea. I take so many photos and rarely delete anything because you never know when their time to shine will come. 🙂 I kept this one because I liked the composition, light, and colors too but it wasn’t until this letter prompt that I felt the time was right to share. 🙂


      1. well you have inspired me to keep some more of my photos that are not exactly what I wanted – I have been deleting them more and more because as the pixels get bigger and bigger – it seems like they take up more and more space – and well, I find I delete a lot – but maybe I will have to keep some more and transfer old ones to the hard drive… 😉
        have a great day. 🙂


  2. love the compo – the round shape of the light against the square shape of the bricks… the unfinished text of the sign just makes it even more intriguing 🙂 🙂


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