1 Day 1 World Project: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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Someone in this church has a great sense of humor…  They are on a busy street close to our neighborhood and while one side of the sign always announces  upcoming club meetings and service times the front is left free to share a message, a laugh or something to think about.  We drove by this one last week and as luck would have it my next walk brought me right by the sign at 2:45 in the afternoon in plenty of time to click a quick photo for today’s 2:00 pm hour post.

If you have a photo or story to share about your 2:00 pm hour I’d love to see it!   Please tag your post 1 Day 1 World Project for easy reader searches and/or link your post in a comment below so we can all enjoy your view and together we’ll build a virtual 24 hour day filled with images from around the world.

If you’re new to the 1 Day 1 World Project please take a look at my introductory post here.  This 2:00 pm post will remain open for new submissions until the end of Saturday, May 24th and a new post for the 3:00 pm hour will open for entries Sunday, May 25th.



1 Day 1 World Project: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2:31 pm Sunday, 18-May



1 Day 1 World Project: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – Woodpecker Ninjas





OneDayOneWorld – 2pm

Nail Cutting and Chicken



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67 thoughts on “1 Day 1 World Project: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

  1. Good message. I actually am finding it difficult to remember to take a photo during the time slots. I would either only remember before or after the hour and usually during the hour could be too preoccupied with whatever it was I was doing and before you know it the whole week has past! Hopefully I will get better at it this week!


    1. I’m glad you like this message and I completely understand that when you are in the middle of something it’s hard to think about a camera. 🙂 When it works though it’s a lot of fun to see what occupies our days!


  2. This is a great photo. We have an inner-city church that is quite well known for it’s amusing (and sometimes controversial) billboards outside. Some work wonderfully and raising a smile and awareness – others not so much. Your church seems to have struck exactly the right tone. 🙂


    1. I’m glad you like this one Su. I appreciate it when churches or businesses try to think outside the typical box but of course my favorites are the ones that emphasize things I agree with too, 🙂


      1. Me too. One of my favourite signs was in a church carpark. It said ‘XI: THOU SHALT NOT PARK.’ I thought it was brilliant!!!


  3. Fabulous! Just made me laugh out loud, loudly! I’m also prone to laughing out loud in Hallmark stores when I find cards with this type of humor 🙂


      1. Having fun hopping around other blogs to see what folk have been up to. Hope more join in, it is such fun, and as Bob from Slovenia said, it would make a great book or end-of-year blog post – if you keep a note of what everyone was doing each hour!


      2. I’m glad you’re having fun checking out the other blogs, Jude. We’ve reached a few more countries this week! A year end wrap up is a great idea I’ll have to think of a way to tie this all together. 🙂


  4. Wow… I’m so behind! I can’t believe I missed this challenge! What a wonderful idea Lisa! Oh, and the sign is so much fun. I’d love to catch up with the hours. I’ll see what my creative little brain can come up with. Now to read other people’s posts we come to your current post and look for the links? What fun! I can tag my post but I don’t think it does anything in the WordPress community reader since I am self hosted. 😦 BUT I’ll certainly link to you and leave my link in a comment here. Ok… so 2-3 pm it is.


    1. I’m so glad you like this idea, Meghan and can’t wait to see what you come up with to share! You’ve got it right, just stop by my post each week to check the links and follow everyone’s progress through the 24 hour clock. I’m happy to report there have been a lot of clicks through to everyone’s posts so you should see some new visitors even without a reader tag. 🙂


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