Travel Theme: Metal


For Alisa’s Weekly Travel Theme:  Metal I have a small section of John Fleming’s Grass Blades installation at Seattle Center.  The blades are actually segments of painted stainless steel stacked vertically to emulate the gently swaying movements of grass in the wind.

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35 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Metal

      1. Wow, double cool. I thought they might just the way the structure looks. What a feeling it must be to actually be there. Thank you for sharing your moment! Love, Amy


      1. it is such great screen (I just came back here again because Kan linked this as an awesome post – 😉 ) – and well, the thumbnail also showed the interest and beauty of this clever work. have a great week in the NW ~y.


    1. It’s tucked away almost behind the EMP museum but really worth a walk around the building to find. Standing inside the row of blades and looking up at the sky is such a unique point of view, it made us feel so small.


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