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Alisa’s newest Travel Theme:  Cities is a great excuse to post another photo from our recent visit to the top of the Space Needle.  This view is looking south towards the Downtown area over Elliott Bay and one shot manages to show you a gray spring day, the Port of Seattle, a Washington State Ferry and the lower part of Downtown.

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33 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Cities

  1. I realize this captures a moment and a mood, coupled with typical Seattle weather. Yet in a city of such vibrancy, I find it dulls much of what is abundantly alive there. I’m not intending to diminish the photographers eye/capture, I just know the Emerald City too well. And of course… to each their own. 🙂 Still, I appreciate the variety is your photos!


    1. I’m glad you still appreciate the photo even if it shows a different side to the city! Your point is a great one to think about though and really highlights how important it is to reach out and participate in what is happening around you instead of viewing life from a distance. The experience is very different from a detached point of view.


  2. Wow, what a view! Almost makes me wish I’d ignored the thought of vertigo and gone up when we were there…maybe next time! My daughter went up during her trip, and she thought I was nuts to stay on the ground. LOL


    1. The elevator ride might be a little uncomfortable but it only lasts 41 seconds. After that the view is really stable and a fantastic chance to see the entire area. I hope you make it back!


    1. Thanks, Jude! It is a little pricey in the restaurant but your meal includes the elevator ride (can be purchased separately if you just want to go to the viewing platform) and brunch or lunch is more moderately priced than dinner. As a treat I say it’s worth it. 🙂


      1. Mmm.. I’m trying to decide whether to extend the trip to staying around Seattle, maybe visit some islands or the Olympic National Park or driving down to San Fran. I need to make my mind up soon so we can book flights, accommodation etc. What do you suggest? I’m talking about late Sept / early Oct.


      2. So many fun choices! All of these areas will be pretty but quiet during this time period as it is after peak tourist season. I’m thinking about planning a trip to the Olympic National Park this summer but don’t have any recommendations yet… the San Juan Islands are always nice but depending on which island you choose some of the restaurants and activities will be closed for the season. If you like quiet though you will be happy and prices will be very reasonable. The drive to San Fran will be nice too and should be before any major snow in the mountains so you’ll get fall color in the passes but open roads. Probably a lot of fog in the morning with blue skies after midday. Pretty!


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