Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement



We have a small patch of wild strawberries growing in the backyard that are pretty to look at but the birds and squirrels always beat us to eating the fruit.  Since I haven’t been able to taste one I don’t know if the berries are tart of sweet but this year the animals left us a thank you gift by spreading seeds across the lawn and this pretty little plant produced one red berry the day before our first frost of the season.

Posted as part of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge:  Achievement.

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35 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

  1. How nice of the animals to spread the seeds around 🙂 Hope you get to try the strawberries soon. I didn’t know wild strawberries aren’t poisonous…then again, I’ve never heard of poisonous strawberries before. Great close-up. I like the slightly washed-out tones – winter is coming for you. Keep warm 🙂


  2. I have a large patch of strawberries that continue to spread. I’ve covered them with netting that keeps the animals from feasting. They have plenty of other tidbits to nourish them throughout my gardens. The lone strawberry is sweetly sprinkled with sugar frost.


  3. So cute, we don’t have strawberries here. It’s too warm for them to grow in the pacific, but some areas they do. This is cute


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