Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

We are shaped by our thoughts;  we become what we think.  When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.



A place to clear my mind and fill shadows with joy…

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45 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

  1. I love all of the different shades of blue in the water and sky, and the dark greens on the land. That is a really beautiful place. I see why you can go there to clear your mind and feel joy.

    1. Thanks so much, Robin. The blues were so pretty that day and the dark green was a thick layer of seaweed. Dangerous to walk on because it was so slippery but a great contrast against all the blue.

  2. Suddenly I discover WHY I was not getting any of your posts?? Why ever does this happen. Brilliant photo Lisa!

      1. Yes I do not know how that happens but it does. I am happy to be back as you well know!

      2. I am trying but getting that OVERWHELMED feeling from too many email notifications. How do you handle this?

      3. Some days are better than others but I don’t subscribe to email notifications because seeing the inbox number climb is just too much pressure. I scroll through my reader and try to keep a balance that way.

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