Weekly Photo Challenge: The Rule of Thirds at North Creek Park


Ryan and I spent a fun fall afternoon exploring North Creek Park’s peat bog and floating boardwalk but when it came to photos I couldn’t decide which element I liked more, the wild grasses, the blue sky or the curvy path leading us across and around the water.  I finally decided to try for bit of each of them and thought the boardwalk placement on the left here fit Jen’s challenge to place your subject off-center following the Rule of Thirds.

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40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Rule of Thirds at North Creek Park

  1. I really like the boardwalk, Lisa. It reminds me of pics I had that I lost when my external HD broke. I never showed them, and I was really looking forward to do so. I’ll have to go find more boardwalks. Hmmmm …. Now if it only will stop snowing! (((HUGS))) Amy


      1. Well, first I am getting prepared to go to Niagara Falls next week. Lots to do before I get there. I have two places in mind for boardwalks, so after Niagara Falls, I will go then. This calls for a lot of planning, having to schedule around our cats’ feeding and medication times. Equipment too must be organized and some cleaned, and I must order online some accessories for hubby over the weekend. It’s obvious I won’t be online much, so I will be putting up a post explaining the exciting adventure I have lined ahead with one downfall. I won’t be online much. LOL I am told the Falls are completely frozen over, so to see this and record this, IS history! Can you tell I am excited??? I finally have all my documents needed to get my enhanced license, which I am doing on Tues, and from there, we plan on which day to go. I would say depending on the weather, Weds. or Thurs. 😀


      2. I am working on the “announcement post” today. Along with it will be photos of Blossom Falls, heavily edited and absolutely gorgeous. I believe I have about 6-7 more images of Blossom Falls in addition to what I am posting today, to help whet everyone’s appetite for waterfalls. LOL Have a great Sunday, my friend. (((HUGS))) Amy


      3. Please let me know when you have your fall photos up, Lisa. I do NOT want to miss out on them. I follow so many blogs, and I do not always see you in my reader. Please, don’t forget, OK? I hope you got some magnificent shots today!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

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  2. Couldn’t decide which was most beautiful so you included them all in one photo. Love how you composed it. That is a lot of wild grass. I’m surprised it isn’t crawling over the boardwalk. Hope you had a good weekend 🙂


  3. This is a nice perspective, here. I’d never heard of this park before now but it looks awfully pleasant. The boardwalk reminds me of Mercer Slough on the other side of Lake Washington, we usually take our boys for a walk there at least a couple times a year.


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