Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur (Morning in Westlake Park)

Ah, lives of men! When prosperous they glitter – Like a fair picture; when misfortune comes – A wet sponge at one blow has blurred the painting.  Aeschylus


I spent some time searching quotes this morning looking for a starting point to accompany the word “blur” and of the many pages of quotations I read this one by Aeschylus stuck with me all day.  Walking through Westlake Park I knew why as the juxtaposition of the big department store full of glittery merchandise, a brightly colored food truck promoting small bites and happy times then a huddled homeless man trying to disappear into the stones brought the ancient Greek quote into modern-day.

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40 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur (Morning in Westlake Park)

  1. I bet the homeless man feels his life is passing by in a blur too.
    So many people walk past, and do not see.
    the quote is so apt also …. ‘a wet sponge’ can destroy the glittery painting. an ancient quote yet so apt to modern day life.


  2. Wonderful interpretation of blur, and a great shot to go along with this week’s theme. That food truck does look inviting and I’m sure it pleases and whets the appetites of many locals in a day…but one can’t help but feel sorry for the homeless guy on the road. Great colours.


      1. Too early for lunch…that has happened to me before, turning up an hour early before noon at food courts and the stalls are still setting up. Good luck for next time 🙂

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  3. An interesting take on the challenge. Like it. Well, I don’t like the homeless man, but I do like the image and the thought you have put into this. Well done Lisa 🙂


  4. Once again Lisa shows us that art goes beyond the obvious and leaves us expanded from the experience.
    Love you, Maryellen


  5. this is super cool – and the photo also has so much more (in addition to your juxtaposed items) – like there is this natural flow with a curve form the middle to the left – like the rooflines raise – 1,2,3 and 4 – and even the trees seem to get larger as they move left – then the sprite of green form the smaller left tree adds to the color of the truck,…. and then the design features on the building and in the stone – I missed the homeless person at first – but whew – after the quote and reading what you wrote – he stands out majorly now – and the two brown bags seem to play with the other squares and rectangles in the buildings….
    and such a cool quote you found…
    “Ah, lives of men! When prosperous they glitter – Like a fair picture; when misfortune comes – A wet sponge at one blow has blurred the painting.” Aeschylus


    1. It’s always so fun to hear we “read” photos in much the same ways, Yvette. You’ve managed to point out all the “in the background” elements I liked about the framing in this shot. I’m glad you see the man right away now, I’m going to remember this quote every time I walk through this part of Seattle.

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      1. that is cool that this quote will stay with you now — and you know, this is an example of another thing I like about blogging – it really can lead to some enriching things that take with us,. Like I shared this veranda in a window post once, and every time i walk by it I remember the feel of blogging at that time (because for me it changes – as people come and go and as i evolve). And just other things too – anyhow, I really enjoy seeing this part of the country from your posts… :0

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      1. No, honestly, Lisa – unless something has a subtitle in very large letters, I’ve reached the stage of just looking at it and wondering … Sighh …


  6. Your photography is par excellent, Lisa, and the quote I know you poured yourself into. Such sadness filled my heart as I saw the opulence in your image, with the homeless man so near yet so far. Just again so much thought was put into this post, and it shows. Thank you. Love, Amy


      1. No I agree it is not a happy post. Too much callousness and greed in this world, which your image portrayed perfectly. We are ALL brothers and sisters! It is past time people understood. *sighs*

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