Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion (Sounds of the Hoh River)

“A stream is music and motion:  smooth glides, fast, turbulent riffles and deep pools, each posing a special challenge.”

Nelson Bryant


We could hear music from the Hoh River long before we reached this rocky beach in the Olympic National Park.  The water literally sang as it rushed over the flat stones and around large boulders and dead trees blocking it’s path.  Up and down the river the sounds evolved in a natural progression leading from the mountains to the ocean.

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Motion.

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28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion (Sounds of the Hoh River)

  1. Hi, I’ve seen a lot of ‘waves’ and ‘ocean’ pictures for this week’s photo challenge, but yours really captures the motion in the water! Looking at your picture I can really feel the waves moving and sensing the turbulence in the Hoh River!


  2. I love your description of a river. I felt like I was listening to an orchestra. Beautiful shot, the water looks so clear. And a bit rough too I’m guessing, seeing there are quite a few rapids on the surface. Great work, as always 🙂


    1. Thanks, Mabel. I love the sound of rushing water and this river was even prettier than usual due to the rounded stones that lined the shore and river bed. There was a lot of variety too due to the rapids you see and then the shallow sections which added a different dimension. A beautiful place. 🙂

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  3. I love that quote … it captures the essence of a river or stream so well. Whenever I’m hiking, encountering running water is always a favourite and I have to stop and admire the sound and motion.
    Unfortunately, in my corner of the world I don’t have beautiful mountains as backdrops 🙂


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