A Surprise Every Day: Shaking Up May With Hipstamatic (week 2)

Today’s recap is a quick one while I wait for Ryan to finish his math so we can start our Mother’s Day walk to the beach.  It was another beautiful spring week here in the Pacific Northwest filled with plenty sun and very little rain.  We are all a little concerned about a dry summer but it’s hard to complain during days like these.  Temperatures in the 70’s, no bugs or humidity and pretty sunsets late in the evening.  My kind of weather!

Sunday afternoon was my chance to do some yard work while Ryan and Finn played fetch with a beach stick.  Ryan has a stash of driftwood sticks from our walks that are too stinky to keep inside so they live by the back door ready for dog play, light saber practice or even coyote safe walks.   I always like the window displays at the Apple Store and Monday I wasn’t the only one taking photos of these pretty, pink watches.  Tuesday found me in a quiet corner of a parking garage next to this lonely balloon and Wednesday Finn and I walked past this rusty old can in the woods.

Thursday is a peek behind the shipping container/workshop from last week’s photos.  Now I know where campaign signs go after the elections… Friday night was so warm we brought dinner outside and lit candles by each plate.  Saturday found us at Seattle Center enjoying a generous gift from my Aunt and Uncle.  They treated us to Robin Hood at the Seattle Children’s Theater followed by dinner on Lake Union and a day spent in the wonderful company of my aunt Dale, uncle Dick, cousin Sara and her husband, Alex.  A beautiful way to end the week!

Each photo was taken with my iPhone 6 using Hipstamatic’s “shake to randomize” function then posted without any additional editing. If you like a particular combination and want to try it at home just click on the image to see the lens and filter used.  For variety I continue to add new lenses and filters so if you want to try Hipstamatic but are unsure how to start let me know and I’ll do my best to answer your questions!

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14 thoughts on “A Surprise Every Day: Shaking Up May With Hipstamatic (week 2)

  1. Light saber practice. Wow. Ryan certainly sounds like he knows how to entertain himself. Really love the first photo of him and your dog. Love the light coloured leaves and flowers too – such a spring-like atmosphere. Enjoy the warm weather. It’s certainly getting cold here in Melbourne, brrr 😀


    1. The pink watches are pretty cute, Sylvia. 🙂 I wonder what the best selling colors is right now? Our garden is at it’s best in the spring so we should have a few more weeks of early blooming color left before it warms up to summer temps. 🙂

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  2. I like the sign one the most – and then the boat and then the watches – I do not want one of those tracking devises (lol) but cool idea for display.
    happy belated mother;s day


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