A Surprise Every Day: Shaking Up December With Hipstamatic (week 1)

Hello everyone!  I didn’t plan to be away for so long and don’t think I’ve ever gone 10 days without a post but sometimes life just gets in the way… One thing I didn’t let go though was my daily photo habit  and even though this set of 7 images already seems like ancient history I’m back in business and ready to recap the week that was.  As of tonight my unexpected car, computer and (big) kid issues are temporarily resolved, I have a nice glass of wine beside me and a few minutes of quiet while John cooks dinner for the three of us.

The last Sunday in November was the end of our Thanksgiving holiday with family. John, Ryan and I spent the night with my brother and this frosty sunrise accompanied our blueberry pancakes, sausage and plenty of hot coffee.  Monday was filled with work and catching up household chores so you get a shot of one of the botanical prints on my office wall.  To welcome the 1st of December I found this Santa waiting to greet his first child of the day and Wednesday morning I liked this combination of a faded tulip dropping into my crystal votive.

Thursday night found me shopping for shipping supplies and even though we have a fake Christmas tree because Ryan and I are both allergic I still stop to smell the fresh greens when I walk past a display of cut trees.  Friday night was another shopping trip, this time Ryan needed more music holders for his flip chart so he could play his trumpet at the first home basket ball game of the season.  Saturday morning I pushed, pulled and dragged an exhausted boy out of bed at 6 am for his first high school wrestling tournament.  Fourteen hours later I drove an even more exhausted boy home with an ice pack on his shoulder and an arm that needed medical attention… more to come in next weeks recap. 😦

Each photo was taken with my iPhone 6 using Hipstamatic’s “shake to randomize” function then posted without any additional editing. If you like a particular combination and want to try it at home just click on the image to see the lens, filter and flash used.  For variety I continue to add new lenses and filters so if you want to try Hipstamatic but are unsure how to start let me know and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.


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14 thoughts on “A Surprise Every Day: Shaking Up December With Hipstamatic (week 1)

  1. Sorry to hear that Ryan has a bit of a banged up shoulder. Hope all is well with him, and that he likes the new music holders to hold his music. I really like the shot of the guitars. It looks cool and so colourful 🙂


    1. Thanks so much for the nice message and well wishes, Mabel. 🙂 I’m sure Ryan’s shoulder will heal in time and he can’t wait to get back to playing in the band. Glad you like the shot of the guitars, I think it is my favorite of the week too. 🙂

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  2. I hope life slows down a bit for you so you can enjoy the holiday season a bit more. I’m in a similar somewhat hectic mode, with time flying by all too quickly, especially as I’m working 21-25 hours a week (plus commute time.)



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