It’s a New Year and I have a new challenge! My Year In Pictures: February Week 1

As promised I’m back with another daily photo project!  If you were with me through my last year-long photo series the format and tone of this new challenge will remain the same but to keep things interesting I’m spending the year experimenting with all the photo apps I’ve collected but not used on a regular basis.  Some weeks will follow a theme, some weeks won’t but every day I’ll post my new image to Instagram and once a week I’ll return here to write a recap.  Each photo will be captioned with the date and processing application used so if you see something you like you can try it out for yourself.

Since I’ve committed to a daily Instagram share I thought it would be fun to start the month with a spur-of-the moment Instagram processed image so here is my Monday morning shot of this stuffed orange monkey.  Tuesday’s photo is my viewpoint looking down on the lunch crowd at a Seattle cafe and Wednesday I went back to the scene of my last blurry cherry blossom image to try again.  Thursday I liked the cheery yellow circles in this light fixture,  Friday I walked through the Westlake Station Bus Tunnel and Saturday Ryan and I drove to the waterfront to watch a pretty winter sunset.  He is still on crutches but we found a way to get back to our beach. 🙂

If you’d like to follow along in real-time my daily photos post on both Instagram and Facebook but by the following week I’ll have them ready to share here as well.

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25 thoughts on “It’s a New Year and I have a new challenge! My Year In Pictures: February Week 1

  1. Love this collection of photos, Lisa. Love the orange stuffed monkey. Monkeys are my favourite animal and that orange one looks like he is delighted to go for a ride 🙂 Love the sunset shot too. Lovely cloud cover and hope Ryan is getting better each day 🙂


  2. A photo a day is quite a commitment – I wish you well! Be a good idea to turn your year’s images into a photo book for a permanent record. And I hope Ryan’s recovering well. Poor lad, must be getting fed-up with being immobile.


    1. I’m trying to not think about taking 365 photos or it will all seem too much. 🙂 One day at a time… Ryan is completely fed up with being so restricted and when spring truly arrives I’m afraid it will be even harder for him. 😦


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