My Year In Pictures: April Week 2

Looking through this set of photos I can’t see an obvious theme tying them together unless I decide to count general randomness as a unifying thread but any week that jumps from Lego mini-figures to trains to audio books to 80’s records must have contained some interesting moments and really that’s all that matters to me today.

Sunday afternoon Falcon landed on our deck for a quick hello and my Monday commute was made a little bit easier by listening to Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy, a funny book about horrible things.  Tuesday I stopped at this pretty little roadside park in a neighborhood of million dollar homes.  It’s wonderful to see a small parcel of land set aside for anyone who walks past to enjoy the view.

Wednesday Ryan joined me in Seattle after an appointment and I caught him in a quiet moment waiting for me in this cafe.  Thursday I couldn’t resist another shot of the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields and Friday afternoon I’ll admit I was jealous of the commuters who get to enjoy this waterfront view instead of a congested freeway.  Did you know Saturday April 16th was National Record Store Day?  I didn’t make it out to shop this year but promise each of these albums were purchased at a time when record stores were the only place to get music. 🙂

Coming soon I’ve got a great set of new photos almost ready to share here from our latest spring adventures and if you’d like to follow along in real-time don’t forget I post my daily photos on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. If a once-a-week blog read is more your speed my weekly recaps will continue here along with caption notes containing editing information for each photo.

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20 thoughts on “My Year In Pictures: April Week 2

  1. this was a nice variety (as usual) and I like the record store reminder – I have seen that another place as people remember Prince this week. And the Police album reminds of a friend who LOVED this band as his fav…
    have a n ice week 🙂

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    1. I’ve heard that train trip across Canada is a beautiful way to see the country, Janet. If you find yourself out this way the north-south route along the west coast is wonderful as well. 🙂


  2. Lovely set of photos a round again, Lisa. Haha, you caught Ryan sitting in the food court. He looks like he is minding his own business 😀 There was a bit of news about National Record Store day on TV here in Australia. Some old record shops here were packed.


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