My Year In Photos: June Week 3

What a week!  The third week of June flew by in a flash only slowing to note Father’s Day, the first day of summer, the last day of school and the start of Ryan’s trip to spend some quality time with his Grandparents.

We enjoyed a quiet Father’s Day and loved our picture perfect start to summer the next day with sunny skies, 70 degrees and just enough time to relax outside before dinner.  Tuesday morning Finn and I walked past this sad note on our street and Wednesday was Ryan’s last day of school.  With everything he’s been through this year and more than 2.5 months of absences after his injury I am incredibly proud of him for finishing his first year of high school on a strong note.  The occasion called for celebration and he chose Mod Pizza for lunch with Mom. 🙂

Thursday morning I found this colorful snail resting on some rocks, Friday afternoon I stopped to snap a shot of these pretty red berries in a forest of green and Saturday was the start of Ryan’s long-awaited solo vacation and major spoiling time with Grandma and Grandpa.   Mom’s garden looks much nicer than mine these days so I’m ending the week with a pretty shot from her backyard.

Coming soon I’ve got a great set of new photos almost ready to share here from our latest adventures and if you’d like to follow along in real-time don’t forget I post my daily photos on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. If a once-a-week blog read is more your speed my weekly recaps will continue here along with caption notes containing editing information for each photo.

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10 thoughts on “My Year In Photos: June Week 3

      1. That is super sad – and I know it is “nature” – but breaks the heart – and now a family is at loss – and I can only imagine what the perpson was feeling as they wrote the note….


      2. I know, I am a little relieved we didn’t see it happen but I’m also surprised the cat owner let them roam outside. It’s well known that our neighborhood has plenty of coyote activity with two green belts and an empty lot behind our house. We hear them several nights each month and Finn frantically tracks the packs when we go out in the daylight… Sad all around.

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      3. Well it is good that u are diligent – when our dogs were very small – like the first two weeks we had them at home – the local Hawks would circle our yard and the boys and I were hyper vigilant – maybe they looked like rodents –
        Anyhow – sounds like you live near some serious nature – I knew this from your posts – but sometimes forget 😉

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