My Year In Pictures: September Week 2

It’s obvious I’m running a little behind real-time as my photo project is reaching the middle of September while the calendar says October is almost here but I’m actually liking the opportunity to stretch out summer for as long as possible.  Fall has its own beauty but summer is truly my favorite so I hope you don’t mind spending a little more time flipping through my vacation photos and a few random images from our regular life here in the Pacific Northwest.

This week you’ve got a blend of some Olympic Peninsula shots mixed with views from my days at home so we’ll start with the lovely Lake Crescent.  If it wasn’t for the brisk wind and worry about a long wait in the Ferry line we would have been in those canoes paddling around the shore… maybe next time. 🙂  Instead Ryan had some fun goofing around in an old phone booth in the main lodge and we settled for a brisk walk along the shore before getting back in the car to finish our trip home.   Once we were settled it was back to business and I started by listing a new item in our Etsy store.  The next day Finn and I enjoyed a quiet moment on the grass watching clouds and Friday evening I took the hint and decided to “stop” on my couch after a long commute and relax with a tasty gin and tonic.  Saturday afternoon Ryan and I went out to walk our local fishing pier and as luck would have it a ferry entered my shot at exactly the right moment.

Next week will be a return to some vacation out-takes and if you’re curious about where we’ve been this month I’ve been keeping up with my daily share project on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you’d like to learn more about any of the images but you don’t follow me on these accounts please feel free to clickhere for IG, here for Twitter and here for FB or select a photo from the Instagram previews in my sidebar.  You don’t need an account at either place to view my photos, everyone’s welcome.🙂


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13 thoughts on “My Year In Pictures: September Week 2

  1. I really, really, really love the shot of Ryan in the phone booth. Almost didn’t recognise him, and the shot looks like something out of a horror movie 😊 I too like summer the best, and enjoy the rest of those bright and warm days 😊

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  2. I’m glad you explained the phone booth! That’s one crazy photo! LOL! I love summer, too, and typically I’m not ready to say goodbye. I think this year it’s gone on a little too long. I’m ready for fall. 🙂 Great photos!


  3. Good thing I shared a little more about the phone booth, people could have really been wondering what kind of a mom I am! 🙂 I’m with you about summer stretching on this year and am tempted to expand the thought to say the whole year has been long… it’s time to turn the page and start a fantastic 2017!


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