My Year In Pictures: October Week 1

October is here, the weather is changing and my thoughts are turning to late garden color, cozy accessories, movies and spooky lights.  My week in a nutshell!  After ignoring our yard for much of the summer I had fun at some end-of-season plant sales and shipped my first warm scarf of the season from our Etsy store.  John’s favorite tree turned from a soft green to brilliant orange and red within 24 hours, Ryan and I enjoyed a matinée of The Magnificent 7, the wet Seattle sidewalks are back and John has started decking out the house for Halloween.  How did you spend your week?

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14 thoughts on “My Year In Pictures: October Week 1

    1. So much wind and rain today – I’ll admit I’m a little nervous about the bigger storm tomorrow. 😦 Also there’s a huge branch on my garage roof that I can’t pull down now… waiting until it’s calmer in the morning. Ugh. Hope you stay safe and dry!


      1. Staying indoors and off the road until it passes here, Don’t really trust people to drive in the rain, Let alone in a storm :S I think they are saying that tomorrow is the third one and we are in the clear right?

        Good call on the branch too, don’t take chances :O

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  1. I can certainly feel that fall is in the air for you. Don’t forget to stock up on the chocolates and candy for Halloween. I’m sure Ryan will not object to that 😂 My week was hectic, but good. Spring is almost here in Australia 🙂

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