My Year In Pictures: October Week 3

I know I felt scattered and pushed for time last week so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that the resulting set of images is a random grab bag of topics but I’m still a little impressed I managed to include dark shadows, Halloween decorations, ugly Christmas sweaters, a Lego Liberty Bell and a grumpy dog all in the same post.  Whew!  It looks like the only unifying thread is the fact that they all happened to me which is in fact the point of this daily photo exercise so I hope you enjoy the gallery.

The week started with a shot in the dark of street light shadows through my front door followed by two Halloween candles we shipped from our Etsy store.  Finn has decided the best way to survive this wet and stormy season is to sleep with one eye open and John continues his quest to take over the house with spooky vignettes.  We still have two holidays to check off before Christmas but the ugly sweaters are ready and waiting on store shelves however if you’re like me and want nothing to do with Christmas shopping let’s both be distracted by this amazing reproduction of the Liberty Bell created entirely from Lego pieces.

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9 thoughts on “My Year In Pictures: October Week 3

  1. I love Christmas, but not until after Thanksgiving, thank you very much. Working part time at a tea shop, though, I know that people are already looking for gifts or gift ideas, although we only have a few Christmas items out yet as teasers. The rest are sitting in the back waiting for a few more weeks. I can shop for gifts now and still not want everything labeled and decorated as Christmas, though! Right now, everyone seems to have Halloween decorations, which I could do without, too. 🙂

    janet, the Halloween grinch

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    1. I’m with you Janet and wish the retail side of holiday decor would slow down but I think we’re in the minority. 😦 As for Halloween decorations they’re not my favorite but for John they’re bigger than Christmas so we try to let each other enjoy the process. When you see Halloween photos here they’re all his creations. 🙂

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  2. 🎃What can I say, I’m LOVING the Halloween creations you share Lisa! As you know, I take your ideas and run with them, lol. This week’s frame certainly has me pondering, perhaps by next Halloween I’ll have it sorted. You have completely transformed my approach on Halloween decorating – something MANY people coming into my house are grateful for – thank you!😄

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