My Year In Pictures: December Week 2

A week filled with Christmas preparations and winter weather make for a merry and bright set of images today.  In typical Pacific Northwest fashion we’ve had our first SNOW freak-out, lit up the short and gray days with plenty of bright lights, enjoyed peppermint mochas and spent a little time shopping online.  The snow may be gone but we know it’ll return so in the meantime I’ll listen to Seahawk football, fold my laundry and watch Ryan and John put up our outdoor lights so everything will be colorful and cheery when we come home tomorrow. 🙂  How are you spending  your weekend?

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10 thoughts on “My Year In Pictures: December Week 2

  1. I prefer mocha mochas, but peppermint mochas are good, too. Like the most interesting man in the world, I rarely drink coffee, but when I do, I drink mocha. 🙂 That photo on the top left looks so cozy, especially with the shots of the snow. My weekend? Lots of work in the house, working on my blog, church and practice for Christmas music, even ventured into a couple of stores on Saturday, although not for long. We’ve had and are having more snow, so it’s beautifully winter outside.

    Have a wonderful week, Lisa.


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  2. Why…my week was a bit like yours; snow, Christmas light and Peppermint Mocha!
    I also got in quite a bit of live music, Christmas music this month. It’s been delightful listening.


    1. Oh yes, I told the story on IG but must have missed it here… that obscured shot is Finn behind the shower door while John gave him a bath in our small shower. I had to hold the door closed. 😉 Cheers to working our way through the Starbucks holiday cups!


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