Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.  E. O. Wilson


If you’ve ever wondered why Pacific Northwesterners put up with dreary, wet winters it’s because of summers like this.  We don’t have formal vacation plans this year but when an island hike is a short hour away from home who needs an airplane!

It only took a few minutes for Ryan and I to pack a lunch and check ferry schedules before we were out the door and on our way to Whidbey Island for our favorite hike along Ebey’s Landing.  We started at the top soaking up these beautiful views then made our way down to the beach for lunch where  Ryan found a driftwood fort just the right size for two and we settled in for our picnic, watching the waves and listening to seagulls.

A day away from our usual routines does wonders for the soul and the satisfaction of a true escape to nature can carry us through the weeks ahead.


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31 thoughts on “Satisfaction

    1. It’s great to hear you’ve spent time here too, Pat! Whidbey is a wonderful place and I’m counting the days till we can return. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  1. Funny, I just commented to my husband about the many rainy days you guys have in the Pacific NW and that I would have a hard time with it. It seems that you really learn to enjoy every minute of sunshine and certainly beautiful days like this one.

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    1. Our long summer days and beautiful weather do come at a cost but the rainy winters have their own beauty if you look closely. And a February quick trip out to the sunshine doesn’t hurt. 🙂

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  2. We’ll be on the island for the Coupeville Art Fair in a couple of weeks, and I want to do that hike! It’s been a while. This has been a spectacular summer (we so deserve it!) and your photos are the essence of a Whidbey summer day!

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    1. Have fun at the Art Fair D’Arcy! This summer has been so amazing it would have been hard to take a bad photo on the island. I can’t wait to hear about your trip and hike along the bluff. 😀


  3. What a wonderful destination, Lisa. I love the driftwood fort, too. I think a day like you and Ryan shared rates in my thinking as ideal as I imagine you sharing wonderful conversation and the simply pleasure of exploring together. I also really love the quote you opened with. I couldn’t agree more. :- )

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    1. The driftwood fort was a great find, Debra and the opportunity to spend a day exploring and talking with Ryan away from our normal routine was priceless. That it was such a beautiful setting was just icing on the cake. :). I’m glad you liked the quote!


  4. What a lovely shoreline! Amazing summer sunshine weather that day and looked like such a lovely walk beside the beach. Looks like it does make up for the winters you have and the weather for the other parts of the year as you said. Ryan looks very happy to be out and baout in the sun 😀 Hope the seagulls didn’t steal your picnic. Sometimes they can be very hungry and eager when it comes to food. Enjoy the rest of summer and hope you have a few more days like this. It’s still winter here in Australia. Cannot wait for summer 🙂

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  5. So gorgeous Lisa. When my husband I visited the area around 14 years ago, we were told that the gorgeous weather we were experiencing Labor Day weekend was a rarity. We soaked in the beauty of the landscape, waterscape, and sun. Our Whidbey Island visit was delightful although not enough time to explore it all.

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    1. There’s so much to see on Whidbey it’s easy to feel like you’ve missed something but it’s great to hear you had such a wonderful time!


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