“The greatest fear dogs know is the fear that you will not come back when you go out the door without them.”
― Stanley Coren

Labor Day has come and gone, our summer weather is turning to fall and after a long stretch of quiet days Ryan is back to school enjoying his junior year.  Dogs always notice when a routine changes and Wednesday morning two months of Ryan’s undivided attention came to an end. Finn watched with worried eyes as he packed a lunch, picked up his backpack and walked outside for the traditional first day of school picture.

Finn spent the day waiting, curled up by Ryan’s computer chair ready to jump up and welcome him home.  New routine firmly in place until next summer.

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Waiting.




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11 thoughts on “Waiting…

    1. I worry about the left-behind pets too, Rusha. 😦 There have been several flights full of shelter dogs/cats from Houston landing in this area since the first day of Harvey. They’ve tried to empty their shelters to make room for flooded pets hoping for their owners to make contact. I wish we could take a few in but it wouldn’t be a good match with Finn. Fingers crossed for many happy reunions though.


  1. Lisa, I had to take several looks at your photo and enjoyed both of them (the looks and the photo.) We fostered some recue pit bulls some years ago and the stories are terrible: people moving out and leaving their dog in the apartment or garage…or worse. I saw a photo of dogs IN A CRATE left behind by their owners during Irma. In a crate!!! Who thinks that’s OK? At least give them a chance. Ok, I have to stop now. One of our rescue dogs was probably used as a bait dog for fighting dogs and I can’t wrap my mind around that, either.


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    1. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed your visits with this photo, Janet. 🙂 The lost/abandoned animal stories are so hard to hear though… I know people are faced with extremely difficult choices when evacuating but still, locking your dogs in a crate before leaving is horrifying. 😦


  2. Such a bittersweet photo. I’m also worrying about the fate of all the lost pets from Harvey and Irma. And the cats at the Hemingway House in Key West, and the turtles at the sea turtle hospital in Marathon, and …
    Humans can make their own choices, but the animals are stuck with ours, which are sometimes so cruel.

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