Mountain wildflowers in Washington State's Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park: Colorful Mountains and Meadows Filled with Wildflowers

Mountain wildflowers in Washington State's Olympic National Park

It’s August in the PNW and that means every day we have available is spent outside enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds us.  This year our summery blue skies have been filled with a toxic mix of wildfire smoke from around the world ( Siberia, Canada, Washington, Idaho and California) but with some careful planning and a lucky stretch of wind we had a clear day to visit one of my favorite places in the Olympic National Park.

If you’re in the park I heartily recommend the drive up to Hurricane Ridge.  Views from parking lot are amazing, the lodge is filled with great information and knowledgable rangers and there are a variety of trails for all levels of hikers.  We spent our 20th anniversary hiking to the peak you see at the top of this image, whew, and this year we returned to enjoy the lower section of the trail while gazing up at the peaks, relieved we’d already climbed it so we could stop awhile and literally smell the flowers.

I’ll post more photos from the day soon but today I hope you enjoy our moment of zen in the meadow of flowers along the trail to Klahhanie Ridge.

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18 thoughts on “Olympic National Park: Colorful Mountains and Meadows Filled with Wildflowers

    1. It’s a beautiful place Y and somewhere special to commemorate a big anniversary. Trust me, surviving the 12 miles without too many complaints was proof of a long time commitment. 😉 The trip up to the top was a lot of work!

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  1. I completely enjoyed the trip and the view. Thanks for letting me tag along on your anniversary. 🙂 Congratulations! I understand about the smoke. We’ve experienced that in Wyoming more than once. It always amazes me how far the smoke can travel.


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    1. The sattelite images that track wildfire smoke are really fascinating, Janet. Unfortunately it’s getting worse here every year and yesterday because of the smoke our air quality ranked worse than China and India. 😦 Today was a little better but we are warned to get ready for a new round early next week…. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed my day trip and pretty view though! Always happy to share. 🙂

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