Nightime at the Edmonds Fishing Pier

2019 The Year of a New Daily Photo Project: Week 1

Will 2019 be my year of living dangerously?  No that’s not it… a year of self-control, or reckoning, discovery, relaxation?  Sigh, I’m terrible with resolutions.  Honestly whenever I try to think of a theme or title for the new year all I come up with are overused movie quotes and sad memes.

In the end though while this leaves me with a descriptive problem it’s not really a feeling problem.  I always have an idea of where I want a new year to go even if part way through something turns in an unexpected direction.  Would a pre-selected 2019 theme effect any of this? Doubtful.

Why am I talking about this?  Well, if you follow me on Instagram I just posted my best 9 grid from 2018 and even though I spent the year sharing a variety of images the landscape and scenery photos were by far your favorites.  Which made me think, even though I felt overworked and tired all year-long there were plenty of beautiful days to remember.  Maybe I should look back and name the year at the end instead of trying before it’s even started…

Instagram BestNine

So I spent some time thinking about two year-long photo projects I shared in 2016 and 2017 and am now ready to give it another try.  My hope is that every week or month or season I can identify a theme among the shots to give me more of a picture of what really happened and where the year is going…  Are you up for watching my life unfold 365  images at a time?  There will be some fun times ahead, Ryan is graduating from High School and planning a gap year before diving in to college. We’re taking a family trip to Iceland and I have a big list of PNW hikes I want to explore so I know parts of the year will be pretty fun.  What else I’ll have to share, well we’ll just have to wait and see.

As with past year-long photo challenges I don’t plan to post here every day, I’ll save that for my Instagram and Twitter accounts, but you faithful blog readers will get one weekly recap every Sunday.  My week in all its glory. 🙂

After a long introduction, this weeks recap will be short and sweet.  We always start our new year on the beach and even though I had to work this year we made it to the waterfront before sunset.  There were several more early evening walks to enjoy as we continue a warmer than usual winter and my week ended with the company of a great friend and a nice glass (or two) of wine.  How was your first week of 2019?

I know my blogging has been light in the past year so many of you aren’t used to seeing much activity here but I’ve missed you all! If you feel like reconnecting and would like to follow along, or even post your own weekly images with a chatty recap feel free to share and link here.  I’ll update each post to include mention of your lovely photos.

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19 thoughts on “2019 The Year of a New Daily Photo Project: Week 1

  1. Hello Lisa,

    I enjoyed your post and pics. This is idea of adding pics that capture bits and pieces of your life is sweet and Inspiring. I hope the year takes you on a wonderful journey.

    That’s what I’m looking for this year. 2018 sucked horribly and I’m hoping 2019 will rectify it.

    Nice meeting you.

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    1. Hello P.A.,
      It’s nice meeting you too! It’s great to hear you enjoyed my post and pics and hope we can continue our conversation throughout the year. I agree, 2018 was difficult for a lot of us but I am hopeful 2019 will bring happier times and creativity.

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  2. I have at least temporarily walked away from Twitter and Instagram, and it makes me kind of sad. To avoid the “stuff” I must avoid (for sanity’s sake) I miss the beautiful and encouraging, as well. So I’m glad to hear that you’ll be keeping the weekly recap going, as I enjoy your photos so much, for their quality and artistry, but also because they represent snippets of your life, which are fun ways to share. It sounds like this is going to be a very full year for you, Lisa. All the best to you and your dear family!

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    1. I’m with you, Debra in that it can be hard to filter social media these days. Actually I have two separate twitter accounts for just this reason. One is personal for politics and current events and one as nwframeofmind for blog posts, travel tips, photos and fun. The one linked here is my “fun” account.
      I’m not sure it saves me any time but is a nice way to control some of what I see. Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement, hearing from you means a lot! Take care, Lisa


  3. Lovely to hear you are still on the photography bandwagon, Lisa. Always enjoy your shots. They are always so down to earth. Sounds like interesting times ahead and good luck planning the trip to Iceland 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Mabel. The funny thing about last year is that I continued to take plenty of photos but didn’t take the extra step of sharing them. I’m hoping this upfront weekly commitment will turn things around. 😉

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    1. It’s nice to hear you’re looking forward to my photo essays again. They’re a good way for me to keep blogging and sharing instead of filling my phone with pics that never see the light of day again. Plus the community interaction is something I’ve really missed. 🤞 for you to return to blogging too. 😊

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  4. I always enjoy seeing your photos and finding out what you’re doing in the NW. I took a big blogging break in December because of work (part time, but working more than usual) and Christmas visits from family. I don’t mind that you don’t post every day. I generally do and I love to keep up with blogging friends, but it can get to be time-consuming. There are a number of bloggers I follow who post as many as three times a day. I’ve gotten so I just visit one of their posts as time is so precious.

    As for 2019, I bought a journal and am making goals from ideas I have for resolutions. That way I can get concrete about them and hopefully get most of them done. 🙂

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2019 and I’ll look forward to seeing where you go, in all senses of that.


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    1. It sounds like you’ve got a great plan for 2019, Janet. I love buying journals but am not so great at writing in them. 😕 maybe I’ll do better here! December is a good month to take a blogging break, it’s such a busy time and important to focus on family if you can. I hope your new year is off to a peaceful and happy start!

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