Decatur Island, WA

2019 The Year of Sunshine, Soft Colors and Decatur Island: Week 3

Sometimes a look back at soft, summer pastels is a nice way to pass through the dark days of January.  Our warm winter continues but by this time of year the short days start to wear on me and I dream of long evenings outside until 10:00 pm enjoying the sunsets and visits with good friends.

Like this weekend in September on Decatur Island with Ryan, my friend Suzie and her daughter Naiah taking senior pictures.  Ryan and Naiah have been friends since daycare and we’ve shared more than a few vacations here in Suzie’s family cabin by the beach so when I got the chance to have the two of them together for official portraits I jumped on it.  They were great sports and we walked all over the island finding favorite locations and making new memories.

I you’d like to see Ryan and Naiah as little ones on Decatur take a look at one of my first posts here 6 years ago.  Forward

As for me this week has been a rush of working a few extra hours before attending to a long overdue matter followed by a stretch of enforced downtime.  I’m not one for quiet hours on the couch, or naps during the day so the thought of two weeks of doing nothing has been more than a little worrying.  I know plenty of people dream of something like this but I’ve actually been making lists of activities I can do while still following instructions and resting.  If anyone has a great book to recommend or a tv series/movie that I need to binge watch now’s the time to share!

As with past year-long photo challenges I don’t plan to post here every day, I’ll save that for my Instagram and Twitter accounts, but you faithful blog readers will get one weekly recap every Sunday.


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13 thoughts on “2019 The Year of Sunshine, Soft Colors and Decatur Island: Week 3

  1. Hi Lisa –
    Hope you get rest – I know it can be so hard to implement and so I really do send you encouragement – 😉

    I am resting right now ((hoping the Chiefs win this playoff game)) but I canceled plans for some rest!
    Not sure if you have watched Downton Abby- but I finally did get to indulge and I enjoyed it a lot.
    And my husband has gotten a bunch of books in last two
    Months and two suggestions are
    “Thirst” (cool story of charity waiter) and “what the heck should i eat” by Mark Hyman

    And podcasts I like include bullet proof blog and Mark Hyman

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    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement and recommendations, Y! Downtown Abby has been on my some-day list for awhile now and I’ll be sure to look at your book and podcast ideas. 😊

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      1. I finally got to Downton and feel sad there are not more seasons to watch – that is how much I enjoyed it.
        The funny thing was i watched the grand finale thinking there was one more after it (but the episode after it was an intro to the final season and then there were two “manners” episodes – but as I watched the finale I thought it was raising the bar high for a second to last episode – but then as it nearly ended It was obvious it was the very final.
        And I heard they have a movie coming out and now I will be ready

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      2. Good to know, I’ll try to be prepared when the end comes. Your experience sounds like reaching the end of a story when there’s still 50 pages in a book only to discover it’s really over and those extra pages are a preview of something else or a list of characters. 😕

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      3. Lisa – The was exactly how I felt – good analogy!
        But so glad I had the pleasure of watching the show – felt like part of the clan and it was so well done.
        Hope you get to watch it at some point even if not this month.

        And side note regarding energy and resting and all that…
        I have this old book (90s) by Deepak Chopra
        And continue to be impressed with tidbits as I skim the book a little each week – it is tips for health and wellness
        My top takeaway this winter was when he said it is good to workout a little.
        He said sometimes you should think about how much energy you have and then give 50% to the workout so you have energy for the rest of the day.
        Too often I see folks MaX out and our culture has this junkie attitude with “going hard in the gym” – but sometimes light workouts are better and of course – even seasons of rest and relax

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      4. There is a reason books stay alive and good advice is one of them. 🙂 I’ll remember your point about resting and also using only 50% for the gym when it’s time to resume workouts…


      5. It really is one of those special friendships. I hope they always stay in touch as adults and think they have so many shared experiences and long time connectios that they will.

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  2. On the few occasions that I’ve had “forced rest” I’ve been too restless to use the time to my advantage. I hope you find a series to watch (Downton is a great one!) or a few books that you can get lost in. I tend towards mystery series when I need distraction, and recommend Louise Penny. I hope it all goes well for you, Lisa, and that the time passes quickly!

    I think the long friendship between Ryan and Naiad is very special, as must be Decatur Island. 🙂

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    1. I suffer from the restless bit too, Debra and usually miss out on most of the restful aspects of downtime but am trying to do better this time around. Wish me luck. 😉 You’re right, Louise Penny is great. I’ve read most of her work but may dive back in and finish the series…

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