My Year In Pictures August Week 5

Keeping with the style from my last post this final August catch-up will also be a simple combination of location notes and lots of pretty pictures.  If anyone wonders why we love living in the Pacific Northwest this series of Olympic National Park photos really illustrates the best of what we enjoy on a daily basis.  It’s not all rain and fog around here. 🙂  In a typical year this part of the state is a little cooler and wetter than where we live along Puget Sound but this year has been anything but typical and we managed to visit during some of the hottest days ever recorded in the park.  These seven photos cover one full Saturday beginning on Ruby Beach followed by a steamy hike through the Hoh Rainforest and a visit to the Hoh River for some cool mountain water.  We had dinner in La Push before starting our final hike out to Second Beach hoping to catch the sunset.  More from the beach next week…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion (Sounds of the Hoh River)

“A stream is music and motion:  smooth glides, fast, turbulent riffles and deep pools, each posing a special challenge.”

Nelson Bryant


We could hear music from the Hoh River long before we reached this rocky beach in the Olympic National Park.  The water literally sang as it rushed over the flat stones and around large boulders and dead trees blocking it’s path.  Up and down the river the sounds evolved in a natural progression leading from the mountains to the ocean.

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge:  Motion.