Phoneography Challenge: Neighborhood

Today the Weekly Photo Challenge is all about capturing your neighborhood through phone pictures. We love our small town and I’m always taking pictures on my iPhone so after school my son and I had a little fun on Main Street. All pictures were taken with my iPhone 5 and edited with Snapseed.

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22 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: Neighborhood

  1. Great photos! Out of curiousity, what does the Edmonds company do? (I’m assuming it’s a company logo). Here in NZ Edmonds is a famous food brand; everyone over about 12 owns a copy of their cookbook, which has been in print since about the 1940s. I have a 1970s edition and just love the vintage recipes!


    1. Thanks for visiting today! Actually Edmonds is the name of my town and the logo is a section of a new mural in the Downtown area. 🙂 The first business here were logging and fishing so I thought the images of trees and fish were fun to share. I love vintage recipes too and will have to try looking for an Edmonds cookbook. 🙂


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