Travel Theme: International Women’s Day

This week my mind is filled with memories of my two beautiful Grandmothers. I quietly observed the 18th anniversary of my maternal Grandmothers death a few days ago and had the great fortune to attend my paternal Grandmother’s 95th Birthday party in February. In celebration of International Women’s Day and Alisa’s weekly Travel Theme I want to share a few pictures of these amazing women.


This picture captures my Grandma Stewart’s first Mother’s Day and their sweet baby girl is my Mom.  The Stewart family grew to include 3 more children and I love this smiling picture of their first celebration.


My Grandma Kleinknecht is here on her front lawn with my Grandpa and their young family, the little boy on the right is my Dad. My Grandpa eventually built two homes on this land and this week my parents have been busy packing  Grandma’s personal items so my cousin can move into her house.  He will be the third generation of Kleinknecht’s to live on the family property and the fourth generation to live on the street.  My Grandmothers’ stories and strength have been a great gift to all of us who love them.

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12 thoughts on “Travel Theme: International Women’s Day

  1. I love these photos of your grandmothers, and the feel of each photo is entirely different, one rural and the other urban. Like TRS, loving those saddle shoes, Grandma Stewart! and belated happy birthday to Grandma Kleinknecht, 95, wow! xxx


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