A Word A Week: Mountain

This week the dictionary at A Word in Your Ear has opened to the word Mountain. We have spent some wonderful days hiking in the mountains around the Pacific Northwest and today I want to share a gallery of images from a trip to Mount Baker, WA.

For more amazing Mountain adventures please visit Sue’s lovely blog at A Word A Week Challenge: Mountain.

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21 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Mountain

    1. I’m glad you like them! My camera was a very basic Cannon Powershot. Just the right size to fit in a pocket and travel everywhere. Sadly it was stolen and I can’t remember the model number but I love how easy they are are to carry along and the picture quality isn’t bad!


  1. Beautiful collage! We go up every year. Do you ever stop at Nooksak Falls on the way up? It’s such easy access and is one of my favorite spots on Baker. Thanks for coming by my blog and enjoying my pictures of this area too!


  2. Beautiful! I love the mountains. The only ones I have actually been to are the Blue Ridge in North Carolina (Asheville/Black Mountain) and Virginia (Roanoke), and the Adirondacks (Saranac Lake). Unfortunately, I don’t have the pics from Saranac on my computer. I’ll have to do something about that so I can share them.


    1. Hi Frizz,
      You’ve got it exactly right that feeling of BEFORE is one of my favorite things about hiking in the mountains. I love the chance to hear nothing but wind in the trees.


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