A Word A Week: Angle

Untitled – Artist: Bruce West. Stainless Steel Sculpture

This week Sue’s dictionary has opened to the word “Angle”. I spent a day wondering if I had any photos in my files with interesting angles before reluctantly deciding I might have to skip this challenge. I left the house to return a stack of library books and from my parking space at the Library saw this amazing piece of angular public art in The City of Lynnwood Veterans Park on the Civic Center campus. In 1999, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1040 began development of the veterans’ memorial in the plaza to honor local veterans of past wars. This park is a beautiful, quiet space in the middle of a very busy part of town and my pictures here are yet another reminder that I really need to slow down and look more closely at my everyday surroundings.

To see more original interpretations of the word “Angle” please visit Sue at A Word in Your Ear: Angle.

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11 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Angle

  1. Great photos; really arresting, and I’m glad to know that they are part of a memorial. Thanks for posting.


  2. […] When I saw the new word of the week was Metallic I thought it would be fun to return to Lynnwood, WA and photograph more of their unique public art pieces.  This sculpture is located in front of the Library and across the park from the large Stainless Steel piece I featured for last weeks word, Angle. […]


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