Processed with VSCO with wwf preset

While local garden centers are filled with pretty displays of spring bulbs and primroses I’m starting to worry about the mostly dormant state of my own yard.  Plants that usually bud and flower in early February show no signs of growth and my weeds are the only green things that look truly happy but this one brave hellebore is giving me hope for a brighter season to come.

Taken with my iPhone 7+ and edited in Snapseed and VSCO.

For more examples of mobile macro photography please enjoy Sally’s latest post over at Lens and Pens by Sally.


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (Invincible Summer)

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

Albert Camus

iPhone Nature 2 1-8_Snapseed

When our winter days are cold and dark I hold tight to moments like this knowing summer will come again.  I took this Whidbey Island photo on a picture perfect August day as we hiked along Ebey’s Bluff after lunch on the beach below.  The warm, salty sea breeze and sparkling blue water were enough to make the day memorable but what you can’t see is the pod of Orca Whales that swam and played just off shore.  I’ve had the good fortune to spot whales before but this was my quietest encounter and the first time I could enjoy the view completely free from boat traffic and small airplanes buzzing by to follow their every move.

Posted today as part of Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Nature

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice (Shades of Finn)

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve joined Sally’s weekly photography challenge but I’m ready to end the year on a high note and jump right back in with two images for this week’s theme of challenger’s choice (animals).

When I opened our Etsy store in November I knew it would mean a lot of extra work and that my hands would have to make a choice each evening between blogging and creating something new to list in the shop but sometimes these two endeavors can coexist and last night I found a way to do both.

Of all the things John and I have learned to make this year and of all the big ideas we have on our future “to do/to learn” list I never expected these little wool dryer balls to be our most viewed and best-selling item.   I hand-roll each ball but my fingers can only take so much winding before cramps set in so after each ball I take a little rest to shake things out.  Last night I discovered this is just the right amount of time to edit a photo so today you get to see my break-time handiwork.

I like both images for different reasons so since I missed last week’s black and white challenge I decided to go ahead and share the pair.  The original photo was taken over Christmas weekend with my iPhone 6 while Finn was waiting for John to come back inside.  The black and white was edited in VSCO cam using the LV2 preset while the color version was edited in Oggl using Ray Mark II and Estrada 83. I like elements in each photo but would love to hear what you think.  Black and white or color?

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Panorama (Crossing Puget Sound)

iPhone Thursday Panorama

Even though my iPhone has a great panorama feature I rarely remember to use it.  I’d like to think I am so caught up in the beauty of each location I can’t be bothered to think about trying something new but really I’m probably trying to get a few quick shots in before John and Ryan ask me to stop and enjoy the moment with them.

This image of the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry crossing Puget Sound is one my two panorama photos from summer 2015.  The three of us were enjoying a quiet morning crabbing from the local fishing pier and while the pot was resting on the sea floor I passed the time taking pictures. 🙂

Posted as part of Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Challenger’s Choice.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White (Into the Forest)

A few weeks ago I shared the slightly embarrassing fact that sometimes I take a picture of where I’ve parked my car so I won’t lose it in a crowded garage but I didn’t mention that I also take photos of trail signs whenever we are out for a hike.  I’m pretty sure that these signs wouldn’t be much help if we were lost but they certainly help me identify where we’ve been months later if my file isn’t labeled properly.    Also I can’t resist anything that announces we are now in the wilderness…

iPhone Tuesday 10-20

A misty shot of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness sign on the way to Mason Lake, posted for Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Black and White.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro (Portrait of Jan de Leeuw)

October is John’s favorite month of the year because it means he can start installing his latest Halloween creations.  I’ll be sharing little peeks of spooky cheer throughout the next two weeks beginning with this portrait of Jan de Leeuw.

iPhone Saturday 10-18

The original painting by Jan Van Eyck was painted in oil on wood in 1436 and hangs in Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum.  Our version is a photo reproduction on a larger scale and hung in an oversize wood frame from Goodwill.   He is placed at the top of a staircase with amber lights angled to shine up under the chin adding a spooky ambiance to the overall composition.   Today I’ve chosen to highlight just the face in order to concentrate on his direct gaze and the interesting web of crackle lines.

Posted a part of Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Macro.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Nature (Baby Birds and Gun Batteries)

I’m slowly working my way through hundreds of photos from our 2015 Staycation and in typical fashion 90% of them are of trees, beaches and the natural vistas that make the Pacific Northwest such a beautiful place to live.  I’ve got so many potential images for this weeks “nature” challenge it’s difficult to choose just one to share today but in the end I selected this photo of a little swallow family in front of an abandoned Gun Battery at Fort Warden, WA.  Their mamma flew by every couple of minutes with a new worm to feed her babies and this tiny group of four waited patiently until their bellies were full and it was time to return to the nest.

iPhone Saturday 10-11 Nature

Posted as part of Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Nature.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Travel (Chetzemoka)

Cheech-Ma-Ham (Chetzemoka)

Cheech-Ma-Ham was 40 years old and chief of the S’Klallam tribe when the first white settlers arrived in Port Townsend, WA.  These settlers decided his name was too difficult to pronounce so in 1848 they changed it to Chetzemoka and gave him the royal nick name Duke of York.  Continuing the trend his son was called Prince of Wales, his two wives became Queen Victoria and Jenny Lind and eventually these nick names led to the present-day Prince family name.

In 1855 Chief Chetzemoka signed a treaty giving up all S’Klallam land in exchange for the rights to fish, hunt and gather in their traditional areas but treaties like this one were largely misunderstood by the Indians and eventually led to the Indian Wars of 1855-1856. During this time Chetzemoka presided over a secret meeting to decide whether or not the tribe would kill all white settlers in the area.   Nine nights in a row the chief sent a “danger” message to white leaders from Signal Rock until the tenth day when the tribe agreed to spare the settlement. Chief Chetzemoka was celebrated as a hero by the white community and when he died in 1888 he was buried in the white cemetery in Port Townsend, WA.  Today both a city park at Signal Rock and a Washington State Ferry are named after Chief Chetzemoka.


This small Chetzemoka was resting on the beach during our visit to Fort Warden and Port Townsend, WA in August 2015 and my image is posted as part of Sally’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Travel.

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black & White (Fall in the Park)

iPhone Saturday 2 9-27

Fall in the Pacific Northwest is a season of extremes.  We bounce back and forth between stunning blue skies, mild temperatures and bright fall foliage contrasted by extended periods of damp, cool fog.  This misty afternoon happened back in October 2013 but the photo is one of my favorites and I’ve been wanting to revisit the image in monochrome.  Thanks to Sally’s weekly photo challenge today’s the day. 🙂

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro (Acorn)

The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


This tiny acorn fell from its Oak tree and landed at my feet in front of Starbucks where Ryan and I were relaxing with iced coffee and cookies after his first day of High School.  We decided there must be a connection between the potential for growth in both the acorn and a young freshman that is stronger than mere coincidence so this little nut is now part of Ryan’s good luck charm collection reminding him of all the exciting things ahead as he grows and learns about the world.

Posted as part of Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge:  Macro.