Wordless Wednesday: 6-26-13 Santa Fe Supermoon

Super Moon in Santa Fe

* A few words… the June 2013 Super moon rising in Santa Fe, NM.  We had a wonderful dinner at La Fonda then returned to our hotel to toast what would have been Grandpa Joe’s 89th Birthday from our lounge chairs.  It was a beautiful  evening.

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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 6-26-13 Santa Fe Supermoon

  1. I commented already, but I think my comment vanished when WP asked me to login!

    This is gorgeous! NM is such a lovely part of the country! We ski there in the winter and camp/hike there in the summer. Thanks for posting this and thanks for stopping by my Wordless Wednesday earlier today!


    1. Thanks for sharing your comments today and for coming by to visit my page! I love meeting new-to-me bloggers and think Wordless Wednesday posts are a fun way to reach out. I agree hiking through NM in the summer is beautiful and for my next visit I want to see Fall. 🙂 Winter would be nice too!


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