What I Like About Travel

One of the things I enjoy most about travel is the chance to experience a brand new view during very normal moments. I’m sure most of us have been disappointed by a sub-par hotel room with an uninspiring view of the parking lot but I don’t take pictures of those mistakes… I do however take pictures of wide open skies and landscapes in new-to-me colors.

One mile from my home, in any direction, the view is pretty much guaranteed to be dominated by trees.   As my ideas for this post started to come together I stepped outside to take a few photos trying to find the sky through the trees.

Don’t get me wrong, I love trees and the shade they offer but every once in a while I really want to see an open horizon.

John, Ryan and I spent last week away from  home for a long awaited family vacation. Thursday’s forecast was for a very hot day but we woke up early and drove to my Aunt’s house in hopes of a short hike before the heat sent everyone indoors. Our reward was finding ourselves surrounded by new terrain and uninterrupted views of bright blue sky.

Open sky is something I always look for when travelling, what is on your list?

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7 thoughts on “What I Like About Travel

  1. What a treat you had – love that you only went one mile and found someplace inspiring and new to you. Great adventurous spirit there – keep it up!


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