Travel Theme: Sculpture

Sculpture is the new travel theme over at Where’s My Backpack.  I always like photographing outdoor sculpture and as luck would have it we had a picnic at the fabulous Shidoni Gallery in Tesuque, NM just last week. Ryan, John and I wandered through the grass taking pictures after lunch until the heat got to be too much for our NW Washington temperaments and we escaped to our hotel for some pool time and cold drinks.

For more images of both man-made and natural sculpture please visit Where’s My Backpack and the Weekly Travel Theme: Sculpture.

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27 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Sculpture

  1. They are all super great photos – I like especially the “dancing” stars and the blue flower like alike 🙂 – But as I said they are all so great!! Have a nice weekend


    1. Thanks! The blue flower was really interesting close up. I’m glad you like my full gallery – my goal was to tell a story with pictures in a way that is easy to scroll through.


  2. I love outdoor sculptures. I have been posting quite a few at my site lately. The colors in your photos are so beautiful, especially the sky. Nice shots!


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