Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

Companion – A person who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another.
Share a picture of a COMPANION and explain why you chose that picture.  Michelle – The Daily Post

I have been thinking a lot about companions today. I am definitely a creature of habit and could show you a lot of material things that are important parts of my days but instead I decided to show my companions in life. I always have some kind of camera in my pocket and my best days are spent with the companionship of these two guys; my wonderful husband John and my amazing son Ryan. We like to take self portraits during fun times and I have a few here to share with you.

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46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

  1. What lovely photos of your family! You look like you really enjoy one another’s company, and you are all so photogenic.

    I understand how you feel about putting your photos online. I am shy about sharing personal photos. Notice the Avatar. My other blog’s photo, I am wearing sunglasses.

    If you would like to protect your photos from being copied, there is a great watermark program that will prevent anyone from taking your personal photos. Here is the link: http://wordpress.org/plugins/image-watermark/ It is really easy to use, very flexible. Even if you don’t want to watermark your images, you can still keep them from being copied. (I don’t know if it stops Google.) Now that I have the Image Watermark plugin, I might put a photo up…maybe…


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