A Word A Week: Castle

Castle Collage

The Pacific Northwest is full of beautiful scenery, lovely hikes and fun, urban cities but finding a Northwest castle for Sue’s latest word of the week was a challenge.

Mount Constitution on Orcas Island is the highest point in the San Juan Islands and in 1936 the Civilian Conservation Corps built this stone observation tower in the style of a medieval watch tower right at the top.  As a kid I always thought this was the perfect castle tower and have made several fun return trips with Ryan and John.  If you climb the twisting staircase inside the tower to the top platform your reward is a panoramic view of the surrounding Islands as well as the Cascade Mountains.  If it is a clear day you can see north to the Canadian cities of Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia and as far south as Mount Rainier in Washington state.

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18 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Castle

  1. Very cool! I will put that on my list to visit when I go back, which will hopefully be SOONER rather than later! That part of the world is gorgeous!!!


  2. Castles and old prisons fascinate me as much as lighthouses! A wonderful post 🙂

    Our new home is a condo on the 3rd and 4th floor, with a crazy staircase from the front door and from the garage in the back – making several turns at different places. The first thing my husband said was: “I feel like I’m in a castle.” I knew that was the one…..


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