Phoneography Monday: Nature

Phoneography Monday 8-5-13

Phoneography Monday 2 8-5-13

In the middle of a very busy week filled with excavators, concrete mixers and dump trucks Ryan and I escaped for a walk to clear our heads and breathe a little fresh air.  These two photos are of a small creek that runs along the bottom of our hill and were the last two pictures I took Tuesday afternoon before dropping my phone under water… Some big, deep breaths followed by 24 hours in rice, then Silica Gel beads seem to have done the trick though and I am back to taking pictures!

Posted as part of Lens and Pen by Sally’s Phoneography Challenge:  Nature

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17 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday: Nature

  1. That’s some lovely light dancing about the creek. I’m glad you managed to rescue your phone! Mine dropped in the toilet bowl before and sadly, I didn’t dry it out enough before I started using it I think.


    1. Mine went in the toilet too. 😦 I panicked first and tried to use it once then powered it down for drying. It is working now but I’m afraid it won’t last as long as it would have. Thanks for your nice comment about the photos! Lisa


    1. Thanks Janet, it felt a little strange taking black and white pictures on such a sunny day but I thought it might add another layer of contrast and decided to go ahead. I’m glad you saw the same thing with the shade and I’m keeping my fingers crossed the phone continues to work…


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