A Word A Week: Bisect

Bisect 1

The word of the week over at Sue’s fun blog A Word in Your Ear is Bisect.  Walking back to our car after a beautiful sunset on the beach I turned around for one last photo through the boats in the Marina.

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23 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Bisect

  1. Great picture, and as a draftsman, a great application of bisect. One of the things I learned as a board drafter was how to bisect a line with a compass. This may be hard to believe, but even with our powerful computer programs we use today, I still use the basic skills of a draftsman to create three dimensional models on the computer.


    1. Thanks for your comments Patrick. I’m glad you like my choice for bisect! You make a great point about using your basic skills to create images with the computer. I think it is so important to understand how things work before asking a computer (or calculator) for help.


    1. Thanks Andra, this is one of those pictures that just sat on my phone and didn’t look like anything special until I transferred it to my computer and could see it on the larger screen. I’m glad you like it!


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