Travel Theme: Architecture

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The Ganahl-Hanley log cabin was built in the Seaview neighborhood of Edmonds by Gaston Ganahl.  Mr. Ganahl fell in love with the guest cabins at Yellowstone Park and in 1930, hired the builder who oversaw their construction to come to Edmonds and build his dream home.  All materials for the cabin came from the land surrounding the construction site and a second guest home on the property.

Mr. Ganahl traveled the world as a manager for a logging and shipping company and had a wide group of international friends who frequently came to visit the cabin including the actress Gertrude Lawrence and Ernest Simpson. Simpson was also in the shipping business, and the second husband of Wallis Simpson, who later married the former King Edward, Duke of Windsor.

In 1975 the City of Edmonds inherited the cabin and decided to move it to the site of the original City Hall to serve as the new home of the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.  Today it is the headquarters of the Edmonds Historical Society and, staffed by volunteers, is open six days a week.

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