Our Landscaping Project: Week Three

Project Week 3

Week three was filled with more shopping trips for plants and materials, a lot of dirty/dusty work framing the new front porch, some time posing next to big equipment that doesn’t usually decorate our front yard, and a few new plants successfully placed in the side yard.

The caution tape is down signaling our new driveway is ready for cars and trucks and we can finally pull into the garage (no longer a car port) and close the garage doors.  Hooray!

Next week brings more planting, a finished front porch, selecting materials for the fence, a watering system and prepping the  house for new paint.  Wish us luck!

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13 thoughts on “Our Landscaping Project: Week Three

  1. A friend of mine has an old tractor in his front yard (the area his daughter use to ride her horse) so you might want to consider keeping the piece of heavy equipment as part of the landscape. Plus your son could start practicing his driving skills. 😉


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