Our Landscaping Project: Weeks Five and Six

Weeks 5 & 6

We have been so busy working I missed my update last week so this is a combo post showing our progress through weeks 5 and 6 of the big Landscaping Project 2013.  We have had some long days and a few scheduling setbacks but several big items on our renovation wish list are complete and we feel like some good work has been done.

The early part of last week was spent cleaning very dirty siding and prepping the house for new paint.  Ryan was a great help with the scrub brush and I developed a love-hate relationship with the power washer.  I’m in awe of how much dirt and grime can be hosed away by the washer but when it blows back on my face I am not a happy cleaner.

The new front porch is built, sided and primed and Heidi the Wonder Lab has claimed her lookout position right where the stairs will be.  Heidi is my brother’s dog and when he is here building, she is on the job as site supervisor. 🙂

With the local power company returning to take down one last Cedar Tree on our property line and a record-setting rain storm at the end of our driest summer in over 40 years we had to reschedule our plans to paint until the end of September.  My fingers are crossed for a late stretch of summer weather…

After a full Tuesday at our day jobs John and I had two hours to lay sod for the front lawn before it was too dark to see anything.  We were stiff and sore the next day but the new lawn looks so much better than the rough dirt that we agree, the extra effort was worth it.

This week we will fine tune the watering system, plant our remaining plants in the holding zone, make a shopping list for more plants and finalize the lighting plan.

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25 thoughts on “Our Landscaping Project: Weeks Five and Six

  1. Wow, as we are traveling through the Pacific Northwest, I am amazed at the lush growth. I can tell that your usual rain and longer growing season can create some powerful growth. A lot of gardening in your region must be containment while I have to work to get things to grow.


  2. It’s amazing how laying a lawn transforms a space so immediately. You are going to be so glad when all this hard work is over, but so proud of yourselves when you see the results – here’s wishing you the fine weather to finish things off!
    Jude xx


      1. Oh boy me too, that almost sounds like an invite, :), that would be cool to meet my new blog friend. Well, I know one thing for sure. I can’t wait to see more of the pics you take. Now I need to go back and read your earlier posts to see “what’s really going on.” Shazza


  3. I know I am coming late to this post but I love to garden and have more landscaping ahead of me when this snow melts AND I’m finally coming by to thank you for liking some of my posts on my new (ish…it’s been since Jan.) blog.


    1. Oh, you’re not late, I really like it when a post can entertain visitors for longer than just a few days. Thanks for sharing your comments and spending some time visiting! I hope your snow melts soon and you can get back out into the garden. 🙂


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