Travel Theme: Big

Visiting National Forests, travelling around the Pacific Northwest and taking lots and lots of pictures with family are some of my all time favorite activities.  It is also fun to share our world with WordPress and in the past few months my Dad started his first blog and my sister began her second. I always look forward to seeing their posts and can usually identify the pictures in my reader before scrolling down to see their post title.

Occasionally we have the same ideas for challenges but our photos and perspectives are different enough that I don’t worry about posting something from the same location, on the same day.

Until yesterday…

I had two ideas for Alisa’s Travel Theme Big but knew I wouldn’t have time to write the post until Saturday. I clicked over to my reader a during a few Friday afternoon work breaks and discovered that my Dad beat me to posting not just one of them but both!

Now I had to get creative, which I guess is one of the benefits of participating in a challenge. A chance to look outside your regular posting routine and think about something from a different angle.

Big 2

I’m willing to bet my Dad doesn’t have a picture of “Number 4 BIG” in his archives. 🙂

If you would like to see my first two ideas for “big” please take a look at the very prompt Around and About the Pacific Northwest:  Travel Theme Big 1 and  Travel Theme Big  2.

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25 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Big

  1. Had I not had my hands full with “big” adventures and children with BIG personalities in toe, I would have done something similar too – though I probably would have posted the tree trunk with all the cousins acting like themselves in front of it. Or wait, now that I am home again, maybe I will anyway…stay tuned 🙂 while I find my charger to upload my pics.

    The family that blogs together…umm, how would you fill in that one?


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