Travel Theme: Brown


Growing up in Bellingham, WA a trip to Tony’s Coffee in the Fairhaven District was a huge treat.  My favorite thing on the menu was hot chocolate and if we were lucky Mom also ordered a dinner plate sized cinnamon roll for everyone to split.  By High School my mug of hot chocolate switched to coffee and when I moved out-of-town after college I was relieved to find I could still buy their freshly roasted coffee beans in a few select grocery stores.  Tony’s Coffee and Teas opened their doors in 1971 and they are still drawing crowds and roasting beans 42 years later.

A few months ago John, Ryan and I stopped at Tony’s for a coffee break before spending the afternoon with family and Ryan happily relaxed at our cozy, corner table with his first order of Tony’s hot chocolate.  I don’t remember such a pretty leaf pattern from my childhood days but it sure tasted the same.

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25 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Brown

  1. That is amazing that you can go back and share the same memories with Ryan. I have to admit, the first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture was Starbucks…and then my “white” tea adventure.


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