Phoneography Monday: Black and White 10-21-13

iPhone Monday 2 10-21-13

iPhone Monday 10-21-13

The third Monday of every month is devoted to black and white phoneography at Lens and Pen By Sally.  My small town is in the middle of its fourth day of heavy October fog and I hope Sally doesn’t mind the touch of Sepia in  these misty beach photos because I need a hint of color to lighten the monochrome view outside…

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17 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday: Black and White 10-21-13

  1. The second, empty photo came as a shock after the first. It’s interesting how much difference in feel (to me, at least), those two birds (?) made, even though they were so small. As with Sally’s, I like them both, but very different feel to me. The first feels peaceful without people; the second seems lonely without anything except sky and water and the B&W &sepia highlights that feeling.



    1. Yes, they are two birds in the first photo. I thought they each had a different feeling too and couldn’t decide which to post so that is why you get both today. Peaceful and lonely are good words to describe the moods and I’m happy to hear the images are expressing them…


  2. I love to see different photos of the same place – two completely different feelings – the birds (?) floating so peacefully on the surface of the water versus just the ocean – which is also peaceful, but not the same. I also love that you took this with opposing angles of the shoreline.


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