Black and White Tuesday: 10-22-13

B&W Tuesday 10-22013

I am so happy that Ryan is a good sport when I ask him to sit still for pictures.  Late last year I realized I forgot to schedule an appointment for our traditional Christmas Card portrait and a quick look at the calendar confirmed I missed every deadline to get them done professionally. This was a clear, sunny day though and within a few minutes I convinced Ryan there was a big reward in his future, combed through most of his hair and we drove down to the waterfront for a quick “card-worthy” picture.

The winter wind was freezing cold and the two beaches I wanted to visit were closed for a police investigation (bank robber on the run) but we persevered, wiped our chilly noses and found an empty log at the last beach on my list.   We got a good colorful shot for a do-it-yourself  holiday card and later, when I saw this image worked well in black and white, I set it as my screen saver.    You’d never know he is in the middle of saying “this is the last one Mom, it’s too cold”!  Since my fingers couldn’t hold the camera any longer, I had to agree but he has since forgiven me and it makes for a good story today.

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