Phoneography Monday: 10-28-13

iPhone Monday 10-28-13

The fourth Monday of every month is Challenger’s Choice at Lens and Pen by Sally’s Weekly Phoneography Challenge.  Sally provides us with a variety of subjects to pick from including street, night and architecture photography so today, I paged through my files looking for something that met at least a few of these criteria.  I like this shot of one of the NYC Public Library Lions taken during my trip to New York last December and since the only camera with me was my phone and I took this one on the street at night I thought it would be fun to re-work it and publish the new version today.

I used the native camera in my iPhone 5 and used Snapseed for additional edits.

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19 thoughts on “Phoneography Monday: 10-28-13

  1. Like it!! Especially since he’s guarding one of my favorite places, a library. BTW, the link that’ on Sally’s page doesn’t come here, it goes to her site and says “Not found.”



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