Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

This week, show us something that’s a HABIT.

Capture a moment both constant and fleeting.

Michelle – The Daily Post

For each new photo challenge I aim to trust my instincts and create a post around the first image or location that comes to mind.  As Michelle says above, moments of habit can be both constant and fleeting and as such I always have new stories to tell but only a few quick snapshots of the habit I want to feature today.  Giving.

There are several wonderful charitable organizations that we donate to on a regular basis and with each check, box of food, and volunteered hours we make a point to involve Ryan in the conversation.  He is growing up ready, willing and able to help others in need and I can see these ideas taking hold to form strong habits.

Last weekend Ryan filled a large bag with his Halloween candy to donate to an organization collecting small treats to serve to patients after cancer treatments and Friday brought the first of our weekly healthy snack food deliveries for homeless students in our school district.  This special group of bus drivers pack lunch bags for each child on their route picked up from cars and shelters. For many of them this is the only food they can count on each day.

Habit 2

Every January Food Lifeline opens volunteer shifts to families with kids and bringing Ryan and his friends to work for the afternoon is a real eye-opener.  They thoughtfully listen to a presentation by the staff about how many pounds of donated food are processed through their warehouses each day and the thousands of meals served as a result.

Habit 1

These are just a few examples of how our family gives back and though we donate weekly, monthly and yearly to causes close to our hearts my intent here today is simply to share how we have decided to develop our family ways of helping others in need.

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39 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. I agree with Irene, in an ideal world this would not need to happen. It makes my blood boil that so much food is wasted, that so many people eat far too much and yet there are still people in this century who live in poverty and need hand outs. Governments (all over the world) need to get their acts together and stop relying on charities to bail them out [sigh] I admire your spirit though, and it is a wonderful thing to teach children to share and look after each other. Your son is growing up with a good ‘frame of mind’
    Jude xx


    1. Thanks Jude for your nice compliments and heartfelt words. I completely agree with your anger watching so much food go to waste while people are in need. I wish our system was more balanced too but until that day we will be here trying to help…


  2. What important life lessons you are teaching your children, Lisa. So many children only learn to demand more stuff, and whine when they don’t get what they want. Your children will grow up to be caring, responsible adults. Well done to you. 🙂


    1. Thanks Nancy. 🙂 Of course he has lists of things he wants for holidays but I really feel good about the fact that giving is just as strong a desire. He has started coming to me with his own ideas for helping – I love it.


  3. Great way to get involved into your own community. My kids’ school is doing a food drive for 4 weeks to benefit the town’s local food bank and support families around the holidays. We’re in the process of deciding what to bring and I’m hoping some of my friends will add to our donation too.


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